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  1. Another CMC car soon to be ready to join the mix

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    Since we said so the most recent RCR session. Get with Michael Mostly before you do though, we need to nail down a spec tune and figure out how to regulate it and officially incorporate it into the rules this next RCR season.
    So when you guys figure out that a "spec tune" cannot be enforced, will you pull the torqhead from the allowable ignition systems? Asking for a friend with his finger on the "buy it now" button...
    Been the same way for all the cars ...
  2. Fire system plumbing

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    Can anyone speculate as to how differently this would have turned out if he were wearing a nomex baclava and had had his visor shut?
    What's there to speculate? I believe it was the only unprotected part of his body.

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  3. The best selling vehicles by state

    The Ford S-Series pickup is the best-selling vehicle in America. When you look a little closer, however, youíll find that different vehicles sell better in different states. Here is a list of some of the best-selling vehicles according to state.

    1. Hawaii. The state of Hawaii is known for its beautiful scenery. But itís also the only state in the US where the Toyota Tacoma is the best-selling vehicle. Itís not the only Toyota on this list, however.

    2. Connecticut. The ...
  4. New engine!

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    If you not making power why stress the motor!
    Always made me wonder, should we shift at peak HP, or at a calculated point above that that would maximize average HP before+after shift?

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  5. six point harness differences

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    Sfi is two, FIA are five...Generally they cost the same. I tried a pull up on e but found it harder to tighten since the adjustment is down by the mount bolt ymmv
    So I was told NASA would let us use either for five to true from what you are saying?

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