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    Al Fernandez

    Another New guy with a 3rd Gen

    Welcome!!! Ping Will and see if nasas decisión that it is legal per the car is contingent on it being welded to the body (as it appears to be) or independent

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    Another New guy with a 3rd Gen

    Thank you.

    Overall the structure is odd but to me seems to be a reasonable design, just a bit goofy. I bought the car from Virginia and

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    Going Green

    What about Nuclear? Fukushima scared alot of people off, but its a good way to reduce dependence on oil and gas. Waste disposal and process safety being

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    MSRC Roll Call

    Truth, absolutely amazing drive....

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    MSRC Roll Call

    The Nationals Spec Miata deal was really bad. Greatest drive I have every witnessed in person shot all to hell.


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