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Thread: 50th B-day cruise

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    50th B-day cruise


    I rarely do anything except go out to dinner for a birthday, but this year I'm turning 50 and decided to try a group event. I actually turn 50 in October, but no one can go cruising then, and that's a bit of a risk for hurricane season. July sounded better with more people available during the summer and kids not in school. Feel free to invite whoever, this is not exclusive.

    The cruise is July 19-23 from Galveston to Cozumel on the Carnival Valor.

    There is no group ID number, so everyone has to reference my Confirmation number and PIN to be linked together for group seating at dinner.

    Carnival phone number: 800.764.7419

    Confirmation Number 9JB4V5, PIN 8222

    We selected a balcony cabin - Room 1058.

    Early dining at 6pm.

    Boarding starts at 12:30pm on 7/19. Ship departs port at 4pm. Earlier the better for boarding, more info to follow. It returns to port at 8am on 7/23.

    We hope you can join us. No pressure if you can't, we understand life, budgets, timing etc. of real life duties.


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    We had a blast on the last cruise we did with ya'll. We may be in. I'll talk to Jess.
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    Four days trapped on a boat with a bunch of you yahoos? Yeah I'll definitely be chattin to the boss about this.
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    You do know at 50, stuff starts falling off. Just look at Jerry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rleng1 View Post
    You do know at 50, stuff starts falling off. Just look at Jerry.
    Who is older than Jerry? Looks like 60 is worse.




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