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Thread: Mustang Transmission Options

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    Quote Originally Posted by marshall_mosty View Post
    My vote would be an A-5 conversion for the T-5. Best shifting transmission I've owned. Do spend the extra few hundred bucks for the upgraded mainshaft. Facebook reminded me that I broke my stock mainshaft in my A-5 3 years ago at MSR-H... LOL

    Michael drove a 3550 for 10 years before it finally literally wore out. It never "broke" and once he upgraded a few parts on the 5th gear side, it worked flawlessly. His box has a RR 5th gear and I'm sure he would sell it, but according to Joe Dietrichs it needed about $800 worth of "love" to get it back to "new-ish" condition. He's currently using a TKO-600.
    Yup, I still have my 3550 just sitting at the shop. It ran "good" when I pulled it out but had a decent grind shifting from 2nd to 3rd. Everything else about it felt great. I had Joe look through it and he said to do it right it would be $700-800 to change out the worn parts and I figured after racing on it for 10-years to just spend the extra and buy a new one.
    It does have the road race 5th gear which is an expensive conversion because you have to get a new main shaft and 5th gear together.
    If you are interested in it give me a call and we can discuss, 972-897-1424.
    -Michael Mosty
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sook View Post
    I thought everyone used 5th on the TWS front straight? COTA's back straight is way longer than TWS front straight.

    - J
    Nope plus at COTA you are down to second getting on the long straight. I know Kevin (at least CCW) never used fifth gear at TWS with 3:27's.


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    Based on measurements I took last night, the drive shafts are exactly the same for a t5 and tr3550. The input shafts are exactly the same as well. Bell housing bolt pattern is different (and I think we all knew that).

    Found a T5z in spares that has an aftermarket RR 5th and appears to have been rebuilt at some point but never run. Absolutely gorgeous inside. Going to have an expert look at it to confirm. Probably going to run the T5z at Cresson while I get parts together/decide what to do for the tr3550.

    Pic of A5 vs T5 attached.

    - J
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    Quote Originally Posted by ShadowBolt View Post
    Nope plus at COTA you are down to second getting on the long straight. I know Kevin (at least CCW) never used fifth gear at TWS with 3:27's.

    Nope never used 5th. I was ~5900rpm at the end of the front straight at TWS and 5600-5700 rpm at the end of the back straight at COTA.



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