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Thread: Toyo Bucks 2018

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    Toyo Bucks 2018

    Toyo has not yet formally setup the 2018 contingency into their system. However, they have extended the 2017 submission window to capture our first two events (MSR-H and MSR-C). You will be able to submit into the 2017 system until the end of April. Remember you need to submit within 30 calendar days of the event.

    MSR-H will need to be submitted by 26-Feb for Saturday's race and by 27-Feb for Sunday's race
    MSR-C will need to be submitted by 9-Apr for Saturday's race and by 10-Apr for Sunday's race

    You can email me your forms and I can get them back to you. I'm traveling internationally next week (13-16 Feb), so my ability to return them quickly will be a bit delayed during that time if you are sending me your stuff for MSR-H.
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    You can also email to me at
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