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Thread: SN95 Wheel Tire Help Please!

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    I ordered a set a ESR SR07's 9.5 wide with 20mm offset. They were just delivered this afternoon... I weighed them on a digital bathroom scale and they are 21.4lbs. I don't have the tires mounted up yet but, by my calculations, an .875 spacer on the rear and a .500 spacer on the front should put you just shy of 1/16 of the max CMC track width for a 94-98 SN95. I run Wilwood 4 piston Superlites on the front and they clear the calipers by ~.250 with no spacer... so there should not be any caliper clearance issues. I ordered them directly from ESR and they were $649 delivered to my door... slightly more than the MB Battles but they seem to be a good replacement since the Battles are no longer available.



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