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Thread: TWS Visit - April 2018

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    TWS Visit - April 2018

    TWS made so much money from storing Harvey cars that I've been holding out on a miracle happening and they reopen the track as is. I took a trip from Houston to College Station to pick-up some car parts yesterday. While I was there I took a pit stop at TWS to see what I could see. They've got "No Trespassing" signs all over the place so I didn't want to push my luck too much. All the Harvey cars are gone. It looks like the tunnel under NASCAR T1 is gone, I assume for car haulers to get all the cars out. I went around to the back gate and saw that it looks like they started digging for sewers but have since stopped? As far as I can tell, the whole back section of the track is gone.

    Here's some good news, might not become a subdivision. Possibility of funds being raised to recondition it.

    I don't think we'll get old TWS back due to the changes that have already been made, but maybe we could get TWS 3.0? I can't really tell if the 1.8 is still there or not.

    Bonus: saw some old rusty cars.

    - Josh
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    Those same rusty cars have been there ever since I can remember.
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    That dream was short lived

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    Gone for good.

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    Such a fucking waste! I think that was the last land available around Collage Station to build houses on.


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    COTA in 15 years?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mach1 View Post
    COTA in 15 years?
    Stop it right now..... you never know and we don't need to help it out at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShadowBolt View Post
    Such a fucking waste! I think that was the last land available around Collage Station to build houses on.

    hardly. 3 other large developments already further along with streets on the ground.
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