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Thread: Nationals Spec Miata

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sook View Post
    What's a CMC win worth?
    When I won in 2013 it was like $3k from toyo and $3kish from maximum motorsports? something like that in cash then a bunch of smaller prizes like a go pro and oil and a new custom race suit. But I dont think the sponsor prizes are as good this year.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ShadowBolt View Post
    We have more CMC cars at a regional race than Nationals have had in many years. This year could be different but The Summer Shootout is (or has been) the closest thing to Nationals for CMC the last few years. I ask a former winner of both Nationals and the Summer Shootout what he was more proud of. Of course he said the Hallett race had way more competition and he was more proud of that win.

    Now I understand better why you said to try and make it to Hallett. I'll be at both w/o a ride this year.



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