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Thread: buying tires pre heat cycled

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    buying tires pre heat cycled

    Have any of you bought a set of RR's and paid the extra $15 per tire to have them pre heat cycled? I see that Phils Tire Service and another big automotive vendor offer the service, just curious if its worth it or simply break them in for a session and let them sit for the recommended amount of time before running them again.


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    Rob buys them that way here, my only question about the heat cycling process though pertains to how the tires aren't torqued. I.E. if you cycle them for 10 or 15 minutes on track and let them sit overnight you've exposed the carcass to acceleration, braking, and cornering forces. From what I understand, that's half of the equation when it comes to cycling a tire. Me personally though I've never screwed with it, just slap them on and go. Haven't seen an appreciable difference in tire wear, I try harder to keep up on rotation and flipping. With enough discipline in that respect I managed to cycle a set of RRs out before cording them. They were so dangerous they legitimately scared me.
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