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Thread: Cobra Brake Rotors

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    No doubt I don't think the Stoptech's are making anyone win that would not win with the Cobra brakes. I will tell you that once you own Stoptech brakes you will never own a car without them. I bought new rings after four years not because they were worn out but because I was afraid to try anymore. Hell they may have gone another two years.
    I looked at purchasing a newly built car (Mustang built to the exact specs as Aarons) that has not raced yet and I really wanted it but the brakes were not Stoptech. I was told "but they are just as good". This one thing made me walk away. Having to add the brakes I wanted put the cost out of reach. I will never own a road race car without Stoptech brakes (or some of the other high end systems). Pads are almost twice as thick and cost half what the Cobra pads cost. Brakes are something I don't ever worry about. I bleed a little fluid (ATE Superblue) out prior to Hallett then never touch it the rest of the season. If a brake duct hose get torn or ripped off we usually don't even worry about it until prep for the next event. I hate the price and I'm not sure they should be legal on a CMC car but it sure is nice to not even think about having brake issues. I think everyone running the $2400.00 brakes will agree.

    Not arguing with you Jerry -- I haven't yet gotten the opportunity to experience the StopTech crack so I'm not on the pipe yet. . I did notice a step change in braking consistency with the fancy rotors + RBF660 fluid.

    From my experience the key downside to the Cobra setup is rotor consumption, the girodisc rotors fix that and the set I'm ordering a new set of rings for have gone multiple seasons as well. Pad consumption is better with the girodisc + Cobra and ducts -- though not as good as your stoptech life...or maybe I just brake like an old lady :-P.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 39PitCrew View Post
    Going fast is good ... Stopping reliably is better.
    Never, ever want to see this kind of thing at a CMC race ...
    Are you certain this wasn't her intent?

    Because that looks like something I'd try.
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    There is a guy in the For sale forum with a great deal on barely used stoptechs and rototrs
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