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Thread: Roebling Road

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    A quick call to a few salvage yards around me here in Alabama, asking for a Chevrolet 305 engine and they ask “say again what kind of engine?” I say 305 Chevy they say “ oh no we don’t have stuff that old around here, we recycle all those old Chevy 5.0s. Nobody ever wants a 305”. I found one though supposedly was a good engine 3yrs ago but has been in the dirt under plywood asking $250. Found rebuilt short blocks in Tyler Tx for $700. Not sure which direction I’ll go yet.

    Just outta curiosity, why is the LS such a great investment for the track? Torque Curves? Maintainability? Cost of ownership? What is all the hype about? Maybe I need a ride along to see/feel the difference. Because right now, I’m super impressed with my first love (this 305 TPI w/vortec heads).
    The LSx is great because it doesn't do things like crack water jackets and have TPI issues. Ask Pranav Patel...
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    Quote Originally Posted by drecords View Post
    The LSx is great because it doesn't do things like crack water jackets and have TPI issues. Ask Pranav Patel...
    The cracked water jackets is my fault. I want to make this clear. My first human reaction to my discovery was to blame the previous owner assuming he knew of the problem and dumped it off on me (me having not thoroughly inspecting the car buying it on complete faith). But, I went to California and picked it up in December and it sat at my sister's house while I returned to Korea. Historical weather shows February 8th it got down below 22*F for a period of about 26hours. I feel like this was the moment that the block cracked.

    Conclusion: My fault.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sook View Post
    If you bring all the 5.3 parts and enough beer to Hallett, the AI/CMC camp will have that swap done before dinner time on Friday!

    - Josh
    You're not wrong! LOL
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    LS 5.3 pros:
    Neutral balance on both sides of crank
    6 bolt mains
    World class ignition system
    Lighter and more compact than 350/305

    With a 5.3, all you need to is get the comp cam beehive springs, retainers, and locks and you have a rotating assembly that can go north of 7k but you are limited to 6k. It will last forever. The smaller 5.3 slugs and lowered lift cam means everything thing is understressed, then with a 260hp limit it's barely working hard.

    Oil control is a bitch, at a minimum you want a crank scraper and an accusump for extra insurance.
    Valve covers are shallow so you have to do some worth with catch cans and a late ls6 valley plate to keep oil out of the intake. I got this locked down and adds maybe $200 to the build
    Alternator needs an oversized pulley
    Power steering pump reservoir can and should be relocated if you are using Camaro accessories
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    Truck accessories work much better with the third GEN and their dirt cheap!



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