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Thread: Future of CMC: A wish list

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    Quote Originally Posted by RichardP View Post
    Some tire information from one of the Spec Corvette drivers:

    "Capable of winning" is maybe not the same as "no drop off in performance" depending on the competitiveness of the class but this is still good information. He has raced a bunch in classes other than Spec Corvette so he knows the tires heat cycling out game well...

    Richard P.
    Why would any Club racer want to put up with the heat cycling issue if you can do what these Vette guys are doing for 1/4th the money?


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    Interesting read. I too am of the camp that there is no significant advantage or disadvantage of a cmc car to SM, e30, e46 etc as far as age of cars and impact on parts. All ears on anything that can be done rules wise to make repairs less expensive or less frequent. Case in point recently opening up ignition components since they are now cheaper than OE.

    I fully agree that it’d be wonderful to spend less money on tires. I am encouraged to see the nasa survey, maybe some good will come out of it. Changing tires is not something cmc can do as a class (directors changing the rules) but I see nothing wrong in upping the pressure to nasa national to get them to act.

    Thin to win was real, I was there. I was also a trophy girl, set the tws lap record my first weekend there. Now I’m a mid pack slacker at best. Soooo...everyone else has gotten much much faster which means thin to win wasn’t actually fast.
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    Age of the cars, other than crap quality replacement parts, is not an issue. Finding "knuckle draggers" who like to play with 20-30 year old mustangs and camaros on road courses instead of $10k c5 corvettes or M3 BMW's is the issue. Toss in the success of competing series like WRL where the racing is still cheap and fun and many of those racers are just no longer here in NASA. Go to a WRL weekend and there are 200 to 400 drivers beating on cheaper old cars for 8 hours each day and the cheapest seats for about 2 hours of seat time per day START at $1500 plus travel and lodging. The money is out there, the list of "goobers" to run these cars is getting shorter every DAY.

    That being said, you need to look at those competing series to see what is making them successful and it is the fact they are finding ways to make racing cheaper. They are using 180-200 TW street tires that last multiple 8 hour races or are encouraging lower HP to keep fuel and brake costs down. SMART. Maybe CMC could set some goals to ATTEMPT to lower costs over the next couple years to make it attractive again? That goes a long way. Heck, get radical and allow ONLY RA1's again. Lose the RR entirely. Those of you who have rains could still use them and you just buy a new set of shaved RA1's to go a couple weekends. Then start rotating in sets as you use them up with a goal in year 3 to switch to NT01. Hell, allow the NT01 as an intermediate rain or dry tire... at the least, try something so there is a perception that NASA is doing SOMETHING to increase car counts instead of relying on the racers to bring in new racers. Personally, having raced and worked with just about every OTHER series in NASA, CMC is the ONLY series where the racers are the ones left to building and growing the series these days. The directors and NASA are leaving it to die on the vine....or at least that is the current perception.

    We own Glenns old car and have been running it in WRL with decent success due to it being a quality build....but those cars from other classes are easily outrunning it on track with less power and smaller tires. Where do you think new racers are going to gravitate to? Gonna have to make CMC sexxy or cheap to bring folks in/back.
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    I think Craig hit the nail on the head when he said that to grow the class we have to advertise better and make an effort to field a group of cars that looks attractive. Also, we are not a race class that people typically use as a stepping stone to a 'pro' ride and I think SM benefits hugely from that as well as the ability to race both nasa and SCCA.

    That being said, we have a good core group of 'regulars' in Texas and need to work hard not to lose that. I like racing with this group because it's hard, very competitive, and normally pretty clean.

    So the question should be: how can we attract people to CMC when they're looking at building/buying a racecar for another class? What do we sell them?
    Daniel Records
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