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Thread: Hallett pics/videos

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    Hallett pics/videos

    All, I'd love to put a a summary video together to detail our 2019 Hallett CMC Extravaganza. If you're willing, I'd like the raw vids so I can cut them together into a highlight reel. Specifically the standing starts and exciting stuff to watch...
    Daniel Records
    CMC # 34

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    Quote Originally Posted by blk96gt View Post
    That guy in your rear view must have been pissed Would have thought with your rear gears and that 4.6 torque starting in 2nd would have worked?

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    Quote Originally Posted by drecords View Post
    Specifically the standing starts and exciting stuff to watch...
    I'm game... might only be a cool spin...
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    What is the best way to get videos to you?
    I don't know much about computers but can follow directions pretty good, haha.

    I have my full files for the season.
    -Michael Mosty
    CMC #11 Mosty Brothers' Racing
    Director - TX Region

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    Preview of Michaels video from Hallett. :-O
    Tyler Gardner
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