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Thread: 2019 Video Footage for EOY video

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    2019 Video Footage for EOY video

    All --

    I've created a 3TB dropbox for the 2019 Texas AI/CMC End of year video. I had a few of your emails and you should have received one inviting you to the drop box. If you haven't gotten one, please PM me your email address and I'll get you added.

    Here's what I envision to make the video an entertaining success:

    I want your bloopers and oops moments cut down to just the pertinent event and 20s on either side to give me some room to cut it together into the video.

    Label all your videos with: Last Name - Track - Day - Race #/qual/practice - Short description (ex. Spin in T1, or "Race 1 Highlights"). Example being: "Records-MSRH-Sun-Qual-Huge lockup ruining Jander's lap

    To do this, use a program like Windows movie maker or the GoPro editing software.

    By the end of this week, I'll reach out to a few of you to help me with a highlight reel from a racing weekend to be used in the video. I need each race distilled into a 2 minute "highlight reel" which should consist of the start, any notable or exciting on track footage, and the finish of the race.
    Daniel Records
    CMC # 34

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    Uploading at 12Mbit/s is terrible!

    - Josh
    CMC #50

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    Finally got around to getting my footage uploaded. Looking pretty sparse on the dropbox dudes.

    - Josh
    CMC #50



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