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Thread: Trailer Tires

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    Appreciate the feedback-here is my update. Had a set of the GY Endurance E ranges mounted to my open trailer. One tire started leaking from the sidewall the next day which was replaced for free at Discount Tire. Have logged about 2,500 miles with a 2,600 lb trailer and then half of that was loaded with a 3-4,000 lb car. Seems to tow very well, doesn't build heat though temps were low while towing. Speeds were generally 70-75 with some extended at 75 coming back from CO. So for those that tow over 70 maybe this is an option to consider for your next replacement as I have known some who stopped having blowouts once they stayed at 68 mph as stated on the trailer tire.
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    I have the Goodyear Endurance with no troubles with towing different cars around Texas.
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