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Thread: The Deed Is Done

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    Quote Originally Posted by 64GunPilot View Post
    Also try APEX driving academy. I went with them in January to give my car a good shake down and knock the rust off after not being on track for a year. Its usually $250 for six 20min sessions in one day with or without instructors. They run at Cresson.
    Thanks for recommending. I am familiar with Apex. Been around a long time with good reputation. Another one I have not checked out yet and closer to home is Hooked on Driving (HOD):

    Seems we have:
    TDE (The Driver's Edge)

    Anyone with other suggests or comments on HDPE's in Texas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by babablackgoat View Post
    Have plenty of HDPE experience in my highly modified yet street legal GTO.
    If you have good/decent prior DE and are solo, just pick an event you can drive the CMC car solo in. Take the first couple sessions to familiarize with the car. Whether it's then a NASA DE or NASA Comp, our guys will see you on track at some point.
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