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Thread: 2022 CMC rules season

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    2022 CMC rules season

    CMC racers

    It is the rule season once again and I apologize I am late out of the gate and I should have gotten this kicked off about a week ago.

    We need to have the rules finalized by the end of October (Oct 29) and therefore we need to have the submitting done by Oct 24 2021. After that date your rule submission will need to wait until next year.

    You can post your RCR here if you like for public comment but please submit formally to your series director.

    As always, the rule submittals are to clarify, reduce cost of operation or building a cmc car, improves safety or enables closer competition or increases the longevity of the car.

    Your role as a CMC competitor is twofold:

    1, submit Rules Change Requests (RCR) for things you believe make sense

    2, to discuss your RCRs and those others submitted with your fellow racers and, most importantly, with your Regional Director.

    Feel free to create a thread for your RCR, but please keep these threads limited to one specific topic to make it easier for everyone to follow along. Keep these discussions civil and remember that its perfectly ok for others to have a different and even conflicting opinion to your own.

    To submit an RCR for the CMC Directors for consideration, please submit it to your regional director via email with a cc to me using the format below. Your regional director is your representative at the official discussions, and the two of you discussing your suggestion first will help that greatly.

    For those that are new or unfamiliar, the Directors discuss and vote on the RCRs. Usually RCRs are either overwhelmingly supported or overwhelmingly not supported, but if it is a tie then I'm the tie breaker and retain the right to veto. When we're done, we submit the whole thing to NASA HQ for their review, suggestions, and final approval.

    I encourage you to do the appropriate due diligence. Provide real evidence and details. Read old RCRs, read the director's cut threads explaining what RCRs were rejected and why. If it's the same RCR and nothing has changed, it's logical to expect the decision to remain unchanged.

    RULE CHANGE REQUESTS (RCR) MUST BE SUBMITTED IN THE FOLLOWING FORMAT TO BE CONSIDERED (no a post online isn't enough, Send it to your regional director or myself):

    ---1) Name / Region / Car # / Contact Info (email or phone, etc)

    ---2) Rule reference # (ex.- Rule 3.2)

    ---3) Recommended Revised Wording (saying make rule 5.4 clearer isn't enough! How would you word it?)

    ---4) Reasoning for change MUST include at least 1 of the following:

    ---------->a) Will decrease the series cost because...

    ---------->b) Will increase driver safety because...

    ---------->c) Will promote series growth because...

    ---------->d) Will improve competition because...

    ---------->e) Will provide more clarity because...

    HINT Requests which score points in all categories will have better chances of being accepted than those which score points in 1 category (or worse yet, go against the reasoning's above.)

    I'm available just about any time if you want to discuss something over the phone or email. I am in the central time zone

    Thanks for keeping CMC the best class in NASA!

    Bob Denton
    Bob Denton
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    Great Lakes Region

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    1 of possibly 2 submissions from me, will see.

    ---1) Steve Gernon / Texas / Car # 771 / Contact Info

    ---2) Rule # 6.22

    ---3) Recommended Revised Wording

    6.22 Fuel System
6.22.1 A maximum of one fuel pump and one pickup are allowed with the following restrictions: Cars retaining the stock fuel tank may use any fuel pump that fits in the factory location.
Cars equipped with a fuel cell may use any fuel pump and mount it anywhere outside of the passenger compartment. 3rd Gen GM can use factory 4th Gen GM fuel tanks and pumps

    ---4) Reasoning for change MUST include at least 1 of the following:

    ---------->a) Will decrease the series cost because 3rd gen GM prices are increases and overall parts harder to find. 4th Gen GN tanks are a direct fit to 3rd gen and easier/cheaper to find. Additionally replacing the tanks if needed are much easier with the revised filler neck design.

    ---------->b) Will increase driver safety Plastic tanks donít donít have seams, which makes them less likely to rupture in a crash. Plastics also donít generate sparks, and theyíre a bit more flexible than steel - in the sense of springing back into shape after impact. When a steel tank absorbs impact energy, it crumples and often bursts at the seams. The volume decreases and fuel is ejected under pressure - which is exactly what you donít want. Plastic fuel tanks are very tough and if thereís a fire beneath the vehicle they insulate from the fire better allowing the driver more time to escape the car

    ---------->c) Will promote series growth because competitors will be more motivated to race knowing they have more choice in cars based on safety and available lower cost replacement parts

    ---------->d) Will improve competition because lower costs and better availability of parts motivates more drives to join the series adding to the coverall competition. Plus the 4th gens have less fuel starvation issues than the 3rd even with the 1LE tank making for more even racing

    ---------->e) Will provide more clarity because 3rd and 4th gen GN tanks are a direct fit into each platform. competitors could possibly already accidentally be running a 4th gen tank in a 3rd gen depending how aftermarket part suppliers market each tank

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    make sure you email this to them....they are getting close to a cut off point for new submissions.



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