1. Another CMC car soon to be ready to join the mix

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    Since we said so the most recent RCR session. Get with Michael Mostly before you do though, we need to nail down a spec tune and figure out how to regulate it and officially incorporate it into the rules this next RCR season.
    So when you guys figure out that a "spec tune" cannot be enforced, will you pull the torqhead from the allowable ignition systems? Asking for a friend with his finger on the "buy it now" button...
    Been the same way for all the cars ...
  2. 17" Camaro Wheels-cheap

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    I would like to look at them, bring them to Cresson. I will prolly take them home if they aren't to bad.
    Ok. These are the wheels I was going to sell to raybob but didn't know they had any issues. Would be good for raybob to have dibs but these may be for a car you are building together?
    I know one of them is too bent but I will bring all of them anyway