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  • Toyo Modifies NASA Contingency Program

    April 20, 2011 12:52 PM — NAPA VALLEY, CA (April 19, 2011)- Toyo Tires is pleased to announce that the Toyo Regional Contingency Program will remain in effect for NASA classes that specified the Toyo brand at the beginning of the 2011 racing season. Due to the devastating effects of the earthquake...

    ...in Japan, some of the NASA classes were forced to allow additional tire brands due to production limitations at the Toyo plant in Sendai, Japan. Toyo Tires remains supportive to the NASA racer and will reward contingency based on the highest finishing driver on the Toyo brand. This means that if a racer finishes 3rd in a race but is the top finisher using a Toyo, that driver will qualify for the 1st place Toyo contingency reward. Motorsports Manager Stan Chen said, "we are very appreciative of our NASA racers and we want to reward them for continuing to support our brand."

    Toyo Tires reports that production is back up to about 70% of the level prior to the earthquake. The plan for the future is to step up the rate of operations in stages while responding flexibly to supply and logistical issues, so that by May, operations may resume at full capacity.

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    1. marshall_mosty's Avatar
      marshall_mosty -
      To clarify further, if there are four AI starters and only one is on Toyo's, the driver on Toyo's are automatically going to win 1st place contingency. This does NOT transfer the same with Hoosier. Hoosier will only pay for the top spots, if that is also your finishing position.