Got home yesterday and the garage is filled with gas fumes. The repair I did at Hallett (riveting the fuel pump mount to the tank then covering the rivets inside and out with Steel Stick) failed. The epoxy is coming off inside and out so this is not a fix long term. Now I need a new fuel tank. I know Donovan had trouble when he replaced his. There are two plastic parts installed in the tank. One has two rubber hose connections (but only one was hooked up) and another has one place to push a rubber hose on and I broke that SOB. Anyone have any idea if I can plug all those lines? I would think if I make sure I am running a vented cap it would be okay. My car does not use a return line. Maybe I'm wrong but I would think the one fuel line (variable pressure) and a vented cap is all we would need. Jay and I have had hell with smelling fuel during the races for years. Sometimes it is so bad your eyes will water. Anyone have any thoughts on this?