With the Mustang gone to the next owner, it's time to clear out all of the things that the new owner didn't want. So here's what's left over.

Steeda Tri-ax shifter for T-45 and T5 (Ford Mustangs 82-Mid 01). Cleaned and inspected. Just needs greasing and it's ready to use. $125

T-45 parts transmission. 5th gear does not work, and it gets stuck in reverse sometimes. 1-4 work just fine. The problem cropped up after I broke the old 5/R shift fork, and got it repaired using used parts (no new T45 parts were available). It's probably just an issue with the new shift fork. - MAKE AN OFFER

Ford 4.6L Romeo engine. Kevin Jander's old winning engine, which my dumb ass ran without coolant after the winter storm of 01. Has at least 3 bent valves, one damaged cam lobe and bad roller rocker. Includes spare set of heads that have galled cam journals. Cylinder bores look OK except for some light erosion near the tops. It could be rebuildable, or it could be total junk. - MAKE AN OFFER