I have the previous engine out of #95. Developed some sort of rattle at TWS in 2017 with a loss of power. It still ran. Didn't quite sound like rod knock, but who knows. I didn't disassemble it, I just built a new motor and pushed it to the side.
Comes nearly complete oil pan to intake... except:
has a canton pan and pickup I *plan* to keep, will throw on a stock LT1 pan
Has a oil cooler adaptor which I will keep.
Has injectors/rail/regulator but there may be something wrong as when I used them on the last new engine it wouldn't run. So I swapped them over and this set is the one that didn't work.
exhaust manifolds (may have an 2nd set too)
accessory brackets, missing the AC bypass pulley (reused for last engine)
water pump
GM opti (worked! didn't have ignition issues)
coil & module
heads w/ stock valves & LT4 valve springs
forged SRP pistons
stock crank
stock rods
ARP rod bolts
Turn-one or PSC power steering pump w/ stock reservoir

thats all I can remember off the top of my head, its buried under other parts in the garage.

Make offer, come pick it up. Located south of austin; between Buda & Driftwood.
Text, don't IM/PM as I'll never check. *512**632**1844*