Please make sure you have your NASA membership renewed, comp license renewed, and your medical is current.

Please also provide me a copy of your dyno for the 2024 season either before or at your first event of the year. I will need the dyno form "COMPLETELY" filled out all sections and signatures, the dyno graph with RPM, and the data file (either printed or electronically if possible).

Double check your car safety gear (window net, belts, seat back brace, roll bar padding, fire system, etc) as well as personal gear (Helmet, head sock, suit, gloves, socks, HANS - or equivalent) before you get to the track. You will need a SA2015 or SA2020 helmet to pass annual inspection. Also make sure your fire system is currently certified. I will need to send my bottle for re-certification as it was good through the 2023 season.