Wanted to get this out to everyone. Have spoken to a few who haven't been racing, have been racing sporadically, or racing all the time and seems there is some interest in more experimentation with running a longer lasting tire with less drop off. Seeing as there are several events upcoming and Discount Tire will be having a sale this weekend I wanted to let everyone know and if you have interest to please PM, call, or text me.

Prefer not to make this into a big arguing thread but if interested feel free to reply Interested and I could gather everyone on an email string? If you have suggestions/experience about which tire to run that is constructive please share as the goal is to find a tire that doesn't fall off after multiple events. This is to try and continue what seems to be a successful test by Sook/Alford/Records last year with the Falken 615+ which Spec Vette runs.

The goal would be to gather enough who would be interested in trying to run a longer lasting tire to either pick a tire or pick a few to experiment with. If you still want to run the RR for the money races that's cool as you could use this in non Toyo races, warmup, practice, etc. Plan would be to find out how many would do this and go to Will to follow the same formula Time Trial has done. With more than three people running I'll donate some sort of trophy and could look for a sponsor/donations. I see this as an excellent way to bring new drivers into the class who are concerned with the largest cost of running a car being the RR.

Currently I'm targeting to order a set of Falken Azenis RT 615+ from Discount Tire this weekend during their Presidents Day Sale if you use their card I expect a 10-15% savings. In the interest of making this experiment about helping racers budgets the 255/40/17 tire is $150 each so I'm thinking a full set could be had for $510-540. The 275 is $201.

Could also reach out to Phil's Tire as they show a few Federal and Nankangs that are $158-185 per tire.